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Jaeden Mustaf stands as a valuable student-athlete to represent brands in NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) deals due to his increased daily media exposure at Overtime Elite Academy, one of the leading media markets on the East Coast.

His basketball resume, personality and physical attributes are the perfect blend to be the influencer to represent your brand for any audience. 

As a highly talented player, performing at an elite level, Jaeden Mustaf has competed in the high school arena in three highly recognized basketball

markets, The DMV, Charlotte, NC, and now Atlanta, GA. 

His on-court skills, including his prowess as a Point Guard, remarkable shooting ability, and top-tier defensive talents, showcase his dedication to excellence and hard work. His affinity for stepping up in crucial moments, reminiscent of the "Mamba Mentality," aligns perfectly with brands seeking ambassadors who embody perseverance, determination, and a relentless pursuit of success.

 Jaeden's basketball lineage suggests he was destined to play basketball.  He is the son of a former New York Knicks first round draft pick

and of the NBA's first trailblazing 'ball girl' of the New York Knicks, adding a layer of unique and relatable background to his identity.

His story connects with basketball enthusiasts and fans of generational sports legacies.





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